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drysteamWelcome back, my friend!

Nigel here again – and THIS – is my old Dry Steam Deep-Cleaning Machine...

Be sure to follow this important report all the way through, to find out why that crazy deep-cleaning machine was the key in my quest to unlock the secrets of this powerful self-healing process.

Naturally, you now understand
why they call it A Crazy Cure...

I hope with Step 1, you’ve already felt the crazy, rapid relief you were hoping for, and you’re excited to see just how much more you can achieve with Steps 2 & 3.

Or maybe, you’ve tapped along to Step 1 a number of times and made great progress - but realise that perhaps you need to dig deeper to find the total relief you’re looking for?

Either way, I’m delighted you’re excited enough to find out more.

Pay close attention, so you can
learn exactly how this Crazy Cure works...

Because by the end of this short report, you will have had that “Ah-ha!” moment.

You’ll understand why treating your symptoms hasn't worked, and in a blinding flash of insight, you’ll understand how 3-Step EFT can stop your suffering...

And how to take the first simple steps in opening the floodgates to a healthier, happier YOU.

You see - I’ve spent 10 long years patiently researching, studying, practicing and refining this remarkable healing technique...

Striving to understand exactly how and why it works, to find a faster, better way to share it, to bring it to your attention - so you can find the relief you’re looking for – at last!

Look - I’ve personally used Step 1 alone for myself and others, to successfully cure joint pain, headaches, migraine, toothache, backache, stomach ache, insomnia, snoring, muscle cramps, food cravings, hiccups, baby colic, athletes foot, sweating, stress, anxiety, anger, guilt, fear - fear of dogs, fear of heights, fear of spiders, dust allergy, hay fever, PMS. See - the possibilities are endless!

And using the complete 3-Step System can help you achieve incredible results in other areas of your life - chronic health issues, addictions, work situations, finances, relationships, sports performance. Heck...
I even improved my lousy bowling score. (Broke 250 for the first time ever – and beat my boss. Woohoo!)

Some sort of Voodoo? Too good to be true?

Hey - I don’t blame you if you still feel that way - I felt just like you, except I staked over $5000 to fly 8000 miles to Maui, Hawaii to find it.

If you’re willing to take a tiny leap of faith, and suspend your disbelief, for a few minutes more at least, I need to tell you that story.

It's a story I'm actually embarrassed to share, but it's important for you to hear, because it explains how I stumbled upon this Crazy Cure, and developed the wickedly effective 3-Step System I'm about to reveal. Deal?

Look – If you’re familiar with ‘The Secret’ movie, or the Law of Attraction, you won’t be surprised that open-minded movie stars and best-selling authors, like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Dr. Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield (the ‘Chicken Soup’ guy)...

All swear by this powerful self-healing process. And recently, half a million like-minded people registered for an Online World Summit to learn more!

Even so, no matter how open-minded you are, you’ve likely never tried it before. But it’s not your fault - nobody told you about it!


Because, although it clearly works like gangbusters, until now, there was no quick and easy way to even try it for yourself – never mind share the secret with your friends!

So even your best friend might not tell you about it!

Well that's OK. This is what I do best, so help is on the way.

Here’s the story...

Back in 2004, I was with a group of friends looking to improve our health, our lives, our happiness. Quite frankly, I was struggling. I’d been through a second painful divorce.

My fledgling Deep-Cleaning business was already on the verge of collapse and I was suffering from debilitating depression - floods of tears, stress, insomnia, migraines. You get the picture. Like you, I was desperate for a solution.

An inspiring (and very persuasive!) speaker at a seminar here in Leeds, England, urged us to put a stake in the ground and commit to a week of ‘personal development’, in Maui, Hawaii.

He promised we would discover something new... something remarkable… something very different…

Well, that ‘stake’ cost us close on $4000 each, plus our 16,000 mile round trip air fare! We honestly didn’t know if we’d put a stake in the ground – or our heads on the block. (Especially since I had to borrow the money to get there!)

I guess, like you, we really were desperate for something new.

Was it worth it? Every last cent! Maui was magical, as you’d expect. Still - we didn’t expect what happened next. What we discovered blew our minds.

We discovered this unique new form of Energy Therapy, known as ‘EFT’ (Emotional Freedom Technique), or ‘Tapping’.

As you now know, EFT Tapping is a potent combination of modern psychology and the ancient healing technique of acupressure.

By aligning your energy, when ‘tuned in’ to your problem, you deactivate your HIDDEN negative beliefs, and restore your energy flow, returning you to health, wealth and happiness - naturally.

It’s being used successfully every day, all over the world, by Doctors and therapists, movie stars and athletes, as well as millions of regular folks like you and me.

It’s so easy to follow, even children are doing it – it’s just different to anything you’ve ever done before.

As you’d expect, it’s been seen
on TV many times –

And remember how positively those famous Doctors feel about it?

drozDr. Mehmet Oz (of “The Dr. Oz Show” on Oprah Winfrey’s Network) tells us...

“Energy medicine is a legitimate and effective healing modality, and the next big frontier in medicine!”

deepakDeepak Chopra, MD, author of ‘Perfect Health’ and former Chief of Staff at Boston Regional Medical Center, says EFT...

"Offers great healing benefits."

Dr-Joseph-MercolaAnd Dr Joe Mercola, founder of, the world's most visited natural health website, declares...

"Nothing comes closer to ‘magic' than the positive results I have personally witnessed using EFT on thousands of my patients...

EFT can lead you to incredible breakthroughs on your healing journey, and it can help you in your daily life.”

Such enlightened Doctors now know
it’s possible...

  • For many lifelong fears and phobias to vanish – maybe in minutes!
  • For food cravings to be quashed - often instantly.
  • For anxiety to clear completely without meds.
  • For migraine headaches and other body pains to fade, often permanently and sometimes in seconds...

All without any form of drugs whatsoever. Yes – ‘miracles’ like these are happening to people just like you every day. And now you’ve tapped along to Step 1 – maybe to you too!

Listen - chances are, you’ve been programmed since birth with the old, traditional ways of Western medicine - you’ve been taught to treat the symptoms, or the physical cause – right?

So if you want a different result, you have to do something different - yes?

Well – 3-Step EFT works in a totally different way…

Turbocharge your treatment by cleaning your negative beliefs - and you can find the relief you’re hoping for.

Eric Robins, MD says, "Someday, the medical profession will wake up and realize that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all illnesses."

So how on earth does ‘Tapping’ treat the emotional cause?

Look – We’ve actually known about this for thousands of years -

The Buddha (563-483BCE) knew - "All that we are is a result of what we have thought."

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) said, “Man is what he thinks all day long.”

And over 100 years ago, Prentice Mulford (1834-1891) wrote - "Let us remember, as far as we can, that every unpleasant thought is a bad thing, literally put in the body."

tolleMore recently, in his book ‘A New Earth’, featured by Oprah, Eckhart Tolle writes - "What is a negative emotion? An emotion that is toxic to the body and interferes with its balance and harmonious functioning. Fear, anxiety, anger, bearing a grudge, sadness, hatred or intense dislike, jealousy, envy - all disrupt the energy flow through the body, affect the heart, the immune system, digestion, production of hormones, and so on...."

Listen - Every day, we all have negative thoughts and negative experiences, which cause negative feelings – right?

Well, those negative feelings are quite simply indicators of negative beliefs, definitions or opinions about yourself, picked up throughout your life...

Valuable indicators of INNER DISCORD - between what you've been trained to believe, and what your Higher, Superconcious Mind KNOWS to be true about you... That deep down, you're OK!

See - Those limiting beliefs are buried by your subconscious mind, and trapped within the body's internal energy system - in the energy meridians.

Like furring of the arteries, they block your body's natural energy flow, causing physical, emotional or psychological effects - dis-ease.

The big problem is – you’re usually unaware of them, consciously.

So, with 3-Step EFT, you rapidly align your energy, deep-clean your negative beliefs, and restore the flow, returning you to health and happiness – naturally.

Making more sense now, isn’t it?

Look - You know the Ancient Chinese
discovered acupuncture, right?

They agitate needles in the energy channels to remove the blocks and restore the flow, resulting in healing. (And they’ve been getting results for thousands of years!) Now...

You’ve discovered how to achieve even more powerful results by gently tapping with your fingers on meridian points around your head and body, whilst ‘tuning in’ to your specific problem, and its emotional cause, by repeating some simple statements.

So why did nobody tell YOU about this breakthrough new technique - until now?

That’s what I couldn’t understand – and what I was determined to change.

When I learned this in Maui, we were simply shown how to do it.

We had someone to watch, listen to, follow along with. Not some guru, or expert - just an ordinary guy like me who wanted to share his discoveries and experiences.

It took us just minutes to pick up the basics. And we all got some INSTANT RESULTS.

Over that week, my migraines, insomnia and depression just disappeared – like magic.

I wasn’t just impressed – I was like a man possessed - back home in England, I couldn’t wait to share it. I expected such an incredibly effective tool to spread like wildfire.

I was certain anyone I mentioned it to would want to try it, at least.

I was on a mission... to spread the word –
and help heal the world!

Obviously, people that know me, trust me to only do what’s good for them, so of course they were willing to suspend their disbelief for a few minutes, at least - and actually let me try this with them.

Working with friends, one on one, or in groups, like we did in Maui, we got impressive results. Chocolate cravings, a twisted knee, crippling stomach cramps, headaches, nosebleeds, to name just a few - all ‘tapped’ away, together. Some in minutes, the others, with simple repetition, within hours, or over a few days, using the straightforward technique I had picked up so quickly.

Yet when it came to doing it on their own, they came unstuck.

Despite seemingly miraculous ‘instant healings’, and grateful though they all were, most of those people, friends, family, work colleagues – didn’t take the next step and start using it for themselves. Why not?

I goofed. Big time. I did it FOR them. I guess I wanted the bragging rights. Shame on me! And they probably figured my week’s training in Maui was something they just couldn’t replicate.

They couldn’t possibly learn something
this powerful in minutes – could they?

So, to redeem myself, I set off on my quest to find a better way to share. I scoured the internet, looking for answers.

Surely there had to be a better way – a simple system for regular folks, beginners like you - a 101 version to get you started easily, to cure your immediate problem, fast – in minutes, hours or days at most.

Then gently guiding you to heal more ‘complex’ issues, and rapidly improve all areas of your life.

Although I knew, deep down, there was a way to crack the code, I just couldn’t figure it out - quite frankly, I was about ready to give up on my quest.

Until, one day…

I was walking in the countryside with my two nephews, age 5 & 7. One was terrified of dogs, and many were being walked nearby - the other had a fear of heights - and we were walking along a 700 foot high ridge!

I took them to one side and offered to do ‘this crazy tapping thing’ I had learned in Maui, to clear their fears. Too young for complex explanations, I focused on tapping away their HIDDEN beliefs.

All I got them to do was simply copy exactly what I did and said, a couple of times.

As kids do, they shrugged their shoulders, followed along with me for a few minutes, and we set off walking again. Well, before that walk was over, we were able to test their fears...

We stroked some dogs, and stood together on the edge of that 700 foot drop.

They were both delighted to discover that their fears had simply disappeared - never to return. (They’re now proud owners of Pip - a lively puppy, and love to go hiking in the mountains)...


Doh! In a flash, I’d got the answer I’d been looking for – K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple – Stupid!)

They simply copied me - tapping away their fears – and it worked.

Now I knew what I had to do, to introduce friends like you to this powerful, crazy cure - to help clear your emotional blocks. To help you find the relief you’re looking for.


Richard Branson knew.

He said – “Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It's hard to make something simple.”

At last - I was back on track, ready to develop
Simple 3-Step EFT

I realised that if I was truly going to help people, even at a distance, I needed to fully understand exactly how EFT works – and perfect a proven system of ‘baby steps’...

A simple yet comprehensive system for you to copy, repeat, and cure your problems – fast! It had to be tailored to you – and friction-free, ‘fill in the blanks’, easy.

So, with my pal Nick, who came to Maui with me (he’s the technical wiz behind all this), that’s what we set out to achieve.

Along the way I’ve read dozens of books, researched hundreds of websites and watched countless videos.

Now, after 10 years, and over ten thousand hours of personal research, refinement, experimentation and inspiration, I’ve combined the most effective established EFT techniques with a deep understanding of the power of the Law of Attraction, affirmations - and a secret Hawaiian healing technique - Ho’oponopono...

10 powerful words that will help change your life – “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you”. You’ll discover more about their magic power as we work through the 3 Steps, together.

You see, I finally understood that by tapping on your energy meridians as you repeat those words on screen, you're directly connecting your conscious, physical mind and body, with both your subconscious ego mind and your higher superconscious mind – at the same time.

You’re bringing those 3 levels of mind back into harmonious alignment, and DEACTIVATING those limiting, negative beliefs.

Every single word of this unique process has been carefully crafted to get rapid results, and exhaustively tested.

It all boils down to a simple 3-Step Online System of two-minute ‘tap-along videos’ -

3-Step EFT

It truly is the best of the best. So finally, I’m there – and ready to share.

Did you ever wish you could just click your fingers and fill your life with ease, joy, and a feeling of well-being? Well friend, this is as close as it gets.

Imagine feeling well again, no more suffering, no more pain.

Imagine the joy, the bliss, control of your life – at your fingertips.

Imagine the thanks you’ll get from loved ones, for simply asking - “Why not try A Crazy Cure?” - knowing that they too could find the relief they’re hoping for.

My friend – you’ll take each simple step with me by your side.

Together let’s uncork the genie from the bottle and make all your wishes come true – OK? Here are the 3 simple steps of 3-Step EFT...

You’ve already felt the incredible power of
Step 1 - Tap The Problem.

You see – for numerous ‘emotionally simple’ issues, such as Aches, Pains, Anxieties, Food Cravings and Phobias, chances are high that Step 1 alone will do the job for you, right out of the gate.

Just like my nephews, did you experience a “Two-Minute Miracle” – an instant, permanent cure? Seriously –it often works that fast! That’s how powerful 3-Step EFT can be.

Still - when your level of suffering goes down, yet doesn’t fade completely, you can simply repeat the treatment a number of times, to further reduce, and hopefully eliminate it.

Relief – fast! I truly hope so. However, if you don’t achieve complete relief with Step 1, you simply need a different approach, to reveal and release the hidden beliefs buried deeper in your subconscious mind.

Which is when you move to
Step 2 - Tap the Experience

Quite simply, negative emotions related to recent or past experiences, such as Stress, Unworthiness, Anxiety, Anger, Grief, Guilt, Blame, Shame, Bitterness, Resentment...

Are the indicators of your hidden, limiting beliefs which cause that inner conflict – and hence your problem – without you even being aware of it!

Look - Louise Hay has sold over 35 million copies of her book, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ – you’ve maybe read it? She states – “Awareness is the first step on the road to healing”

healyourlifeLouise also reminds us – “Some of the things you believe were never true. They were someone else's fears. Give yourself a chance to examine your thoughts. Change those that are negative.” And in her book, she outlines likely emotional causes behind numerous physical problems. She herself has only recently discovered EFT, and declares...

“Tapping is a powerful tool that can truly heal, allowing forgiveness, love, and acceptance into your life...”

Yet of course, no two problems will have identical emotional causes, because no two people develop identical limiting beliefs in their lives. So sometimes, you need to do a little detective work, to identify and deactivate the specific limiting beliefs which are unique to you.

So in Step 2 - Tap The Experience, I’ll reveal my breakthrough technique to help you do exactly that. I’ll provide you with my comprehensive ‘Emotions Guide’, to help you easily reveal the way your problem makes you FEEL.

Then, my unique ‘Detective Questions Guide’ will help you make a conscious connection between those negative emotions and other related experiences in your life, that have made you feel the same way.

Now, you tap along to the Step 2 video which will help you reveal and hopefully deactivate your underlying limiting beliefs – the root cause of your current problem.

Then, if still needed, you identify a specific limiting belief, and move to -

Step 3 - Tap The Belief

Again, you simply follow along to Step 3, another two-minute session, as often as required, to zap the intensity of your personal limiting beliefs down to zero, and finally stop your suffering.

Best-selling author Dr. Wayne Dyer said recently about EFT: "Put away your skepticism, this really works... I've had great results with Tapping in my own life."

Listen – Whether your desire is a cure for something you don’t want– a physical or behavioural problem, or to achieve something you DO want - radiant health, loving relationships, abundant finances, or mastery of any skill - you know, deep down, that you’re OK - so what’s been standing in YOUR way?

Look - Neuroscientists tell us that 95% of our daily thoughts are controlled by our conditioned subconscious mind. Instead of fresh thinking, you’re simply recycling old, programmed patterns of limiting beliefs, conditioned by your parents, culture, gender, religion, ethnicity, society, family, friends or teachers.

Limiting beliefs like – “I’m not good enough, Money doesn’t grow on trees, Nice girls don’t, I’m not smart enough, No pain, no gain, I could never do that... and that’s just for starters!

We’re told that recycling trash is good for the planet. However - it’s not good for your mind. So together, let’s banish those negative emotions, demolish your conflicting, limiting beliefs, and find the relief you’re looking for, shall we?...


Let’s change your life, together, today.
Prove it for yourself - take full advantage of Steps 1, 2 & 3...

Thank you, I Love you.