“Often gets results when nothing else will
– use it for everything!” – Gary Craig…

“Thankyou Nigel, elbow pain…stress and worry about a future event …has just disappeared after tapping on and off (max 15 mins total) over two days……the elbow pain was severe, I couldn’t even gently touch it to a table and there was a continuous ache. It´s been days since I tapped and there is still total comfort. Love that you people are so keen to spread the word.”
Suzanne Valle, Portugal

“Use it to lower resistance, eliminate limiting beliefs and negative emotions. I use it all the time on myself and help students of our program with it constantly.”
Bob Doyle – ‘The Secret’ & ‘The Opus’ Movies and ‘Wealth Beyond Reason’

“I would use tapping to get rid of any limiting beliefs. I’ve used it for fear of speaking, money issues, deservedness issues and for losing weight – 80 some pounds!”
Joe Vitale of ‘The Secret’ Movie

From www.emofree.com…

“I tried your technique 2 days ago and in minutes an eye condition that has been driving me nuts for a year just left. This information is a beautiful gift to all of us.”
Sally Shallenberg

“My clients have experienced profound & lasting results for weight issues, stress, anxiety, pain, phobias, sports performance, relationship issues, & more.”
Lindsay Kenny

“Wow! People can’t believe the results we are getting. Neither can I. This is the best healing method I have ever come across.”
Jim Eaton

“I have tried your technique, with a lot of skepticism at first, as it defies all logic….Gary, it worked….not only the first time on my headache, but the second time on my stiff neck and tension headache, the third time on my inability to sleep, and so on.”
Mary Smith

“I’ve never found a more user-friendly, dependable and precise technique that could produce such profound change in such a short time.”
Kim English

“I tried it on myself and shot a game of golf 12 strokes under my previous best game ever.”
Jack Konrath

I’m getting spectacular results with my patients and myself. Thank you!”
Joanne M. Hillary, ND